New room! River view! Perfect location!!

New room! River view! Perfect location!!

Ho Chi Minh, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam



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Mô tả

+ 3mins to District 1 where you can reach Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Bitexco Financial Tower, Ben Thanh market, Saigon Square, Takashimaya..
+ Around the apartment is a series of famous symbols of the city, such as the Dragon Wharf, Cau Mong Bridge, District 4 Hospital, Bach Dang Pier Saigon..
+ The apartment has river view & is fully furnished for the most comfortable stay...
+ Guests can use free swimming pool, gym room
+ Convenience store is just on the ground floor, open 24/24

Fully furnished, elegently designed with full free amenities.
2 double sized beds
1 big sofa bed
All for up to 6 guests
Fully furnished for a great stay.
You will have everything you need.
Enjoy the greatest place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Living Room
+ 1 Big sofa bed (140cmx200cm)
+ 1 Sofa
+ Dinning Table
+ 6 chairs
+ Wine glasses
+ Small tea table, tea pot, cups
+ Small table
+ Air conditioner
+ Cable TV 40 inches
+ High speed wifi internet
+ Electric fan
+ Shoes storage
+ Waste basket
+ Slippers
+ Air freshener
+ Tisue
+ Carpet

Bedroom 1
+ 1 King sized bed (180cmx200cm)
+ Air conditioner
+ Closet
+ Pillows
+ Blanket
+ Hangers
+ Lamp
+ Electric iron
+ Laundry basket
+ Lint roller

Bedroom 2
+ 1 Queen sized bed (160cmx200cm)
+ Air conditioner
+ Closet
+ Pillows
+ Blanket
+ Hangers
+ Lamp
+ Laundry basket
+ Lint roller

+ Glass shower enclosure
+ Mirror
+ Lavabo
+ Shower
+ Hair dryer
+ Shower gel
+ Shampoo
+ Bath towels
+ Comb
+ Tooth paste
+ Toilet paper
+ Wastebasket
+ Bidet sprayer
+ Carpet

+ Refrigerator
+ Microwave
+ Induction stove
+ Electric Kettle
+ Rice cooker
+ Glasses
+ Pots, pans
+ Cutting board
+ Knives, scissors
+ Cups, bowls, plates
+ Table knives
+ Spoons, chopsticks
+ Water bottle
+ Small basin

Storage space
+ Washing machine
+ Washing detergent
+ Fabric softener
+ Broom
+ Clothes rack
+ Floor mop
+ Carpet

+ Guests will have access to everything in the apartment.
+ This is a private apartment so there is nothing to share with others.

How we communicate:
+ I will give the guests instructions to self check-in.
+ If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
+ I am not in the same building but if you have any request, I or my staff will come to help.
+ You can contact me using -------, -------, LINE, -------, -------, Zalo, -------, Phone calls & message.

These are some notes:
+ The building has elevators: I will give you cards to use elevators.
+ The cards are used for elevators, gyms, swimming pools
+ Receptionist & security guards in the building are not my staff, but they can help you in some cases.
+ 24 hour access, no restrictions (please always bring the cards with you)
+ The apartment is not shared; you are the only guests during your stay.
+ I will send you useful information about the apartment, surrounding areas,... to know more about the place.
+ You can check-in at anytime after 2pm
+ Check-out time is before 12pm (noon).
+ Please let me know your estimated time of arrival in advance.

The apartment has perfect location:
+ Dragon Wharf (Nha Rong Habor): 0.4km, 6 minutes' walk
+ Ben Thanh Market: 1.2km, 6 minutes by car/motorbike, 13 minutes' walk
+ Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street: 1.1km, 15 minutes' walk, 7 minutes' by car/motorbike
+ Bui Vien Walking Street: 1.8km, 10 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon: 3km, 10 minutes by car/motorbike, 20 minutes' walk
+ Saigon Square: 0.9km, 12 minutes' walk, 8 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Bitexco Financial Tower: 0.8km, 10 minutes' walk
+ Time Squares: 1.1km, 15 minutes' walk, 7 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Takashimaya: 0.9 km, 12 minutes' walk, 8 minutes by car/motorbike
+ City Opera House: 1.4km, 7 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Bach Dang Harbor: 1.3km, 5 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum: 1km, 12 minutes' walk, 8 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Vincom Center Shopping Mall: 1.5km, 8 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Independence Palace: 1.8km, 12 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Saigon River Tunnel: 1.4km, 8 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Central Post Office: 1.7km, 10 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Ho Chi Minh City Hall: 1.2km, 8 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Ho Chi Minh Museum: 1.4km, 11 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Tao Dan Park: 1.8km, 9 minutes by car/motorbike
+ Temple Goddess Mariamma: 1.4km, 8 minutes by car/motorbike
+ District 4 Hospital: 0.1km, 2 minutes' walk
+ ATM Bank: 0.1km, 1 minutes' walk

+ Taxi is available on the ground floor
+ You can use Grab to book cars, motorbike with very cheap price.. all are just on the ground floor

Tiện nghi

  • TV
  • TV truyền hình cáp
  • Internet
  • Mạng internet không dây
  • Máy lạnh
  • Thang máy
  • Thích hợp cho người tàn tật
  • Hồ bơi công
  • Bếp
  • Máy giặt/ Máy sấy
  • Có người bảo vệ
  • Gym
  • Mạng viễn thông không dây

Giá phòng

Phí dọn dẹp VND 355.148 (mỗi lần ở)
Phí cho mỗi khách thêm 118.383 VND (sau 1 khách)
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Nhận phòng 2:00 CH
Trả phòng 12:00 CH
Diện tích 70 m2
Số đêm tối thiểu 1 đêm
Số đêm tối đa 180 đêm