Villa Juliet 2 Bed Property with Private Pool in Kamala West Phuket

Villa Juliet 2 Bed Property with Private Pool in Kamala West Phuket

Kammala, Phuket, Thailand



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"Please be aware that bookings for 3 nights and more are available as of February 1st, 2017. If the property can't be instantly booked, please contact us directly to check availability."Kamala Villa with 2 Bedrooms and Private Pool for Rent

Upon entering this luxury villa, the first thing guests will notice is a large, beautifully landscaped entertaining area. Overlooking the private pool are lounging chairs which grant an ideal spot for working on your tan as the cool breeze skips off the water. An outdoor dining space offers a perfect place for enjoying an evening cocktail and socializing with your friends and family.

The interior of Villa Juliet is bright and welcoming with a modern European-style design, which is illuminated by natural light shining through the immense sliding glass doors of the main living quarters. Utilizing an open-plan layout, the living, kitchen, and dining rooms are combined to create a spacious and comfortable place to relax after an exciting day in Kamala. Featuring 2 bedrooms, each with an ensuite bath, this villa can sleep up to four guests and provides abundant amenities to make this vacation getaway feel like home.

Kamala Beach; Villa Juliet; Kamala, West Phuket

Guests of Villa Juliet don’t need to travel far to experience all that the great location of Kamala has to offer. Only 500m from Kamala Beach, it is only a short walk before you will feel the sand between your toes. Along with the shoreline of Kamala, hotspots for nightlife, shopping, and dining are in this same 200m distance from your villa. Consider visiting the popular destination of Fantasea, or satisfy your appetite at restaurants such as Rockfish or Salt & Pepper. At the close of your evening, you’ll be thankful for the convenient location of Villa Juliet.

Adjacent to the kitchen, a half-wall partially sections off the living room and creates a cosy nook with an L-shaped couch. The space has plenty of seating for family and friends to enjoy a movie or TV show on the widescreen TV. Satellite channels as well as a DVD player are featured for your viewing pleasure.
An impressive feature of this villa, the kitchen has brilliant white countertops, generous prep space, and all the appliances needed to make something delicious. The refrigerator/freezer is enormous with black double-doors, offering an attractive contrast to the white dishwasher and stovetop. Cookware is also available as well as a microwave oven, coffee maker, and blender. An outdoor kitchenette may be utilized on the patio when entertaining guests.
The main dining room is centred between the living area and kitchen, and it has an elegant, 6-person dining table matching the white countertops of the kitchen. For a more casual setting, there is a 6-person dining table on the outdoor patio as well as a social area with numerous seating options. Providing a place for your morning caffeine fix, a breakfast bar is positioned at the front counter with two stools.
The 2 bedrooms of this villa provide modern amenities and a spacious layout to award guests with a proper place to end the day. You’ll find rest easily in the master suite which features a king bed, ensuite bath, and flat-screen TV. The guest room has a double bed as well as an ensuite bath and TV. Both rooms also have glass doors which exit out onto the garden and patio areas.
The ensuite bathrooms offered by both bedrooms are tastefully designed, and contain wash basin with double sinks as well as a walk-in shower and toilet. The sink counter has plenty of counter space for two people to freshen up simultaneously.

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